Along the Way Photographs

George Jensen, a Montana native, has been involved in photography for over 40 years. He developed his photographic skills with formal schooling and practical application through his employment and private life.
George and his wife, Eileen, enjoy traveling and outdoor activities and record their travels with their cameras. In addition to hiking the trails in Glacier National Park they travel other areas enjoying both, the Natural and Man Made wonders our world has to offer. There can be no better way of passing a day then sitting by a water fall in Glacier Park or walking along a path in Greece visiting the temples of Delphi. It just happens that a tripod and camera travel with them, recording the beauty and wonders of our world.
Visit our galleries by clicking on each of them and enjoy some of the places we have traveled. If you have any questions about the photos or our trips please click on "CONTACT ME".
Photo of George Petting and taking a picture of Gray Whale was taken by Jim Cline in Scammon's Lagoon. Thanks Jim

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